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Branded Golf Shirt

Looking for a way to stand out at corporate events or team outings? Golf shirts have become a key piece of clothing not just for golfers but also in the business world. Our guide will show you how to choose high-quality, embroidered polo shirts that make your brand shine.

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Small Batches, To Large Orders

Discover our branded golf shirts with customisable designs and logos, a wide range of sizes and colours, and high-quality fabric for a professional look that reflects your brand’s prestige.

Whether it’s corporate events or team outings, our shirts offer increased brand visibility, durability, and comfort for all-day wear.

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Waxed Branding A person places branded clothing, including a black polo shirt with "Heineken" and another logo, on a work surface near a window.

Benefits of Branded
Golf Shirts

Branded golf shirts elevate your team’s appearance at corporate events and outings, making a professional statement for your brand. Discover how these versatile shirts can enhance visibility and provide lasting comfort throughout the day.

Professional and polished look for corporate events or team outings

Wearing embroidered golf shirts to corporate events or team outings presents a polished and professional impression. These shirts unite the team, showcasing cohesion through a uniform appearance.

They convey to everyone that your group values professionalism and takes pride in how they present themselves. The embroidery quality on these shirts remains impeccable over time, ensuring your brand appears sharp and detailed at every occasion.

Opting for high-quality embroidered golf shirts elevates the team's professional image and fosters a sense of pride among its members. This choice of clothing clearly demonstrates an investment in how your brand is perceived by others.

Moving forward with visibility and recognition, branded attire like this plays an integral part in making your name known during any public event.

Increased brand visibility and recognition

Custom logo golf shirts significantly enhance brand visibility. By selecting the appropriate materials and styles, companies can ensure their logos make a striking impression at any golf course or corporate function.

The logo's size and placement play a pivotal role in catching the eye, facilitating easier recognition and recall of the brand.

Choosing premium-quality fabric not only improves appearance but also guarantees longevity. This durability ensures that each shirt continues to advertise the brand well beyond its first use, providing ongoing exposure without any extra investment or expense.

Beyond increasing visibility, these branded garments convey a professional and sleek image suitable for various occasions.

Long-lasting and durable

Our branded golf polo shirts are built to last, crafted from advanced fabrics that defy wear and tear. These garments maintain their durability through endless washes and countless rounds on the green.

They're designed to retain their colour, shape, and comfort after years of frequent use. Such resilient construction ensures your brand emblem stays vivid and prominent for an extended period, providing a lasting return on your investment.

Opting for these hard-wearing golf polos is akin to selecting attire that epitomises lasting elegance and functionality. Each item merges enduring fit with timeless design features that distinguish wearers in any crowd.

Their sturdy build facilitates all-day comfort without compromising breathability or freedom of movement. This dedication to excellence mirrors our commitment to safeguarding customer satisfaction over time, just as we secure personal data with utmost confidentiality.

Comfortable and breathable for all-day wear

Title: Breathable and Comfortable Golf Shirts

Crafted with breathable fabrics, our golf shirts promote airflow and heat dissipation. The moisture-wicking design enhances breathability, making them perfect for long rounds under the sun.

This ensures long-lasting comfort throughout the day, ideal for corporate events or team outings requiring a professional yet relaxed look.

Waxed Branding A man in a crisp white golf shirt and cap stands on a serene golf course, surrounded by trees and sand bunkers in the background.


Branded golf shirts elevate your team’s appearance at corporate events and outings, making a professional statement for your brand. Discover how these versatile shirts can enhance visibility and provide lasting comfort throughout the day.

1. What does the privacy policy say about my personal details when I buy a branded golf shirt?

Our privacy policy ensures that your personally identifiable information is kept secure and private. We do not share your details with anyone outside of Waxed Branding without your consent.

2. Can I see the contract before purchasing a branded golf shirt?

Yes, you can view the contract which outlines the terms of purchase, including payment, delivery, and returns related to our branded golf shirts.

3. Are there any disclaimers I should be aware of when buying a branded golf shirt?

Our disclaimers cover aspects like product colour variations and size discrepancies from what is displayed online to what you receive. It's important to read these carefully before making a purchase.

4. Who do I contact if I have questions about how my information is used or any other enquiries?

For any questions regarding how we use your personally identifiable information or other queries related to our products, please reach out to us through the "Contact Us" section on our website.

Waxed Branding Person pressing a black polo shirt with a small flag patch on it in a well-lit room.

Why Choose Us ?

Choose Waxed Branding for our expertise in corporate branding and customisation. Benefit from our quick turnaround times and competitive pricing.

Why Choose Us

Expertise in corporate branding and customisation

Corporate Branding and Customisation Expertise

With 15 years of industry experience, we specialise in corporate branding and customisation solutions for large corporates and branding companies across South Africa. Using cutting-edge technology, we ensure speed and accuracy throughout the branding process, delivering top-quality finishes that reflect your brand’s prestige.

Quick turnaround times

Quick Lead Times and Swift Service

Contact Andrew, the branding expert, for quick delivery and swift service. Customers can even see samples within one day of placing their order, showcasing our strong reputation for excellence in corporate branding and customisation.

Competitive pricing

Transitioning from quick turnaround times, our competitive pricing shines as another reason to consider our services. The price per shirt reduces with higher quantities, and there are discounts for different purchase amounts.

Furthermore, by using the promotion code “SPRING24,” customers can get a 20% discount on orders. Moreover, VAT is not applicable on deliveries outside the EU.

Our bulk order options along with quantity discounts make branded golf shirts a compelling and budget-friendly choice for businesses seeking to elevate their corporate image without overspending.

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