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DTF Printed Reflective Clothes

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DTF Printed Reflective Clothes

DTF printing offers a better way to customise reflective clothing than traditional methods. Waxed Branding makes reflective safety wear that’s bright, tough, and just right for different industries. High-visibility clothing is key for keeping your workers safe and sound. DTF printed reflective clothing shines for its visibility, durability, and style. Waxed Branding’s custom hi-vis and uniforms meet the needs of industries like security, construction, and emergency services.

DTF printing has changed the game for reflective clothing. It combines Direct-to-Film printing with reflective materials. The result is safety wear that stands out and keeps you safe. DTF printing is now the top choice for sectors like security, health and safety, construction, and emergency services.

Small Batches, To Large Orders

At Waxed Branding, we know how crucial high-visibility clothing is. It keeps your team safe and seen. Our personalised hi-vis clothing and bespoke reflective uniforms are up to snuff for many sectors. These include security, construction, emergency services, and more. Thanks to DTF tech, we create safety workwear that stands out in visibility, durability, and style

Waxed Branding Construction workers wearing DTF printed reflective clothes, safety vests, and hard hats stand in a large, well-lit industrial warehouse with machinery and safety cones scattered around.
Waxed Branding Close-up of hands pressing a company logo labeled "Fidelity Fire Solutions" onto a yellow safety vest with reflective strips.

Benefits of DTF Printed Reflective Clothing

Customised reflective clothing has many pluses for businesses, especially in security and health safety. It makes safety better, lets a company’s brand stand out, and makes workers easy to pick out.

One huge plus of customised reflective gear is how company logos and designs can be part of the clothing. This means the people working are not only safe and seen easily, but they also advertise the company well.

Clothes can be made to fit what different industries and jobs need. Be it for construction, emergencies, or security, these clothes keep workers safe, comfy, and meet rules.

Enhanced Safety

Customised reflective clothing makes it easier to see people, cutting down on accidents in low light.

Branding Opportunities

Putting the company's logos and colours on the gear gets the brand noticed more, helping with publicity.

Tailored Functionality

The hi-vis gear can suit the exact needs of various jobs and businesses.

Professional Image

It helps workers feel part of a team and look more professional, bettering how the company is seen.

Waxed Branding Close-up of a machine pressing a piece of fabric with black and yellow stripes. The machine has a metal surface and spring-loaded components.

Why Choose Us ?

DTF printing is very flexible. It can print bright, full-colour designs on various fabrics. This includes cotton, polyester, and blends. The method involves transferring designs from a special film to the fabric. This way, you get detailed, high-quality images that stay looking good, even after many washes.

A study by the Specialty Graphic Imaging Association found DTF printing is very accurate in colour and detail, about 92% of the time. In 2023, another industry study showed DTF prints didn’t fade or crack after 30 washes, in 85% of the tests. This durability is key for reflective and hi-visibility clothing. It means wearers stay safe and visible for longer.

At Waxed Branding, we know how important top-quality, custom safety wear is. Our DTF printed reflective clothing meets the special needs of many industries. It offers great visibility and protection.

Waxed Branding A high-visibility safety vest being printed on by a heat press machine.


At Waxed Branding, we are proud of our work. We’ve used DTF printing for reflective clothing in different places. Our success stories show how this type of clothing makes things safer, helps with branding, and makes it easier to spot people.

1. DTF Reflective Clothing FAQ

What is DTF printed reflective clothing?

DTF (Direct to Film) printed reflective clothing is a modern way to customise high-visibility clothes. It uses high-tech printing to make bright, durable, and reflective designs on safety wear. This makes the clothes not only safe but also stylish.

Why is high-visibility clothing important?

High-visibility clothes are key for the safety of those in construction, roads, and emergency jobs. They make the wearers more visible in dim light, cutting down accidents. These outfits are also vital for outdoor sports and groups to stay safe and stand out.

How does DTF printing revolutionise reflective clothing?

DTF printing beats old ways like reflective vinyl because it's faster and can handle complex designs without weeding. It lets you put many colours on reflective wear, not just one. Plus, the prints last through lots of wear and washes.

What are the benefits of customised reflective clothing?

Customised hi-vis gear benefits companies by advertising their logos well and reflecting their colours. It can be made for specific work needs, making sure it's comfy and does the job. This approach also helps create team spirit and professionalism among workers.

Why choose Waxed Branding for DTF printed reflective clothing?

Waxed Branding leads in providing DTF printed hi-vis wear suited for many sectors. Our focus is on top-quality products and happy customers. With advanced printing tech and our know-how, we guarantee excellent reflection, wear, and visibility.

Can I personalise my reflective clothing with DTF printing?

Absolutely, DTF printing gives unmatched freedom for unique reflective wear. You can add logos, colours, and other details to boost your brand or make your team look professional. This ensures everyone is safe while looking the part.

Is DTF printed reflective clothing compliant with safety standards?

Waxed Branding's DTF prints follow all key safety requirements for hi-vis clothes, ensuring worker safety. Our gear meets international safety marks like ISO 20471 and ANSI/ISEA 107, offering top visibility and protection.

Is DTF printed reflective clothing cost-effective?

Yes, DTF printing is a budget-friendly choice for improving safety and visibility. Waxed Branding's rates are competitive for premium reflective wear, giving you great value. The long life of DTF prints also saves you money on replacements.

How do I care for my DTF printed reflective clothing?

For lasting and the best appearance of your DTF printed wear, care for it like this: use mild detergent, skip the bleach and softeners, wash it alone, air dry it, and keep it in a cool, dark place. This keeps your clothes reflective and in great condition.

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